Not just 'Slaves to Fashion'

So you've looked at a whole raft of wedding magazines and looked at many styles of wedding dresses? They all look great on the models and you now have a thousand-and-one dress styles swirling around in your head.

What is a Bespoke Wedding Dress?

A bespoke wedding dress is a custom dress made for you, by a designer, to your body measurement. It is a dress fashioned to your body shape and your personal style, using fabrics that you like and choose with advice on how each fabric behaves and its' suitability for the garment and style you've chosen - making fashion work for you. A wedding dress where you are involved in the whole process of its' making.

So, in the case of 'Weave me a Dream', you get your own personal wedding coach on hand to help you to realise your dream dress woven to the specification of how you want to look on your wedding day. 'Weave-you-a-dream'.

Phone us for a chat about our service or just a general chat about your wedding dress and how you would like to look on your wedding day.

Weave you a dream

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What is the process involved in the making of a bespoke garment?
We begin with:

a) Consultations

b) Bespoke Design Concepts

c) Toile Fittings

d) Bridal Fittings

The process of 'weaving your dream' wedding dress
Special Consultation
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Toile Fittings
Bridal Fittings
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